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Cocoa Expo's facilities are ideal for all types of tour groups. The 100 dorm rooms, All Star Buffet Cafeteria, recreation facilities and administrative staff are ideal for planning your next tour group travel.

Please contact our Athletic Director for affordable facilities and services or call 1-321-639-3976 extension 12.


Cocoa Expo Soccer World Tours (Back to Top)

Cocoa Expo Soccer programs are nationally and internationally recognized for excellence. Cocoa Expo World Tours offer all of the elements of sports travel that individual players and teams are looking for. Each tour is customized by our tour specialist to meet the goals of the traveler, whether you are an

Our national and international network of contacts allow us to provide unique opportunities for our travelers whether it is stepping out onto the glorious turf at old Trafford, home of the world's most famous club Manchester United or playing in Europe's renowned youth tournaments. Cocoa Expo World Tours will provide a soccer experience of a lifetime.

Tours for Individual Players

Are you interested in playing on foreign turf with other players with similar dreams? If so, then our tours are for you. Our players are selected and then represent Cocoa Expo in games in Europe's finest tournaments like the Manchester United Cup in England, the Haarlem Cup in Holland, the Ian Rush Cup in Wales and the Gothia Cup in Sweden.

Our players are selected by one of the following methods:

  1. National and international try-outs

  2. From Cocoa Expo camps

  3. Referrals from our network of coaches

Try-outs are held in all areas of the country throughout the year and are open to all players, boys and girls aged 12 and above. Generally, tours are from June - August so players are selected all year. Try-outs last one day and players will be notified of their selection within seven days after the try-out.

Team Travel

Our team specialists will customize your team's tour in order to achieve your goals. Whether your team is a new or established club, a school or college, a select or ODP team, Cocoa Expo's team travel program will design your tour with you in mind.

Our team travel specialists will gladly talk with you and design your tour, taking into consideration many important factors such as age, level of play, prior travel experience, team chemistry, coaches background and experience, desired travel locations and available budget.

Teams can travel to play friendly matches against foreign opponents and visit the world's most famous professional soccer clubs and get backstage in the player areas where most tours cannot go.  Teams can also compete in the world's best international youth tournaments and enjoy the friendship-building cultural events that foreign travel offers.

Cocoa Expo World Tours will gladly combine all of these unique experiences according to your goals.

For more information please contact Giles Malone at Cocoa Expo Sports Center at 321 639-3976 ext 14 or via fax 321 639-0598

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